“Damn, that blank box truck is prime real estate for my company”, said Morgan Hunter, “We could help them with our tech to put up some ads.” Gary Haag, Efrogs owner, slammed the breaks and turned around. Morgan was taking her usual EFrogs ride through downtown, and Gary was driving her that day. “Your company does what?” he asked.

“I work for DriveAds. We help fleets create private ad platforms. We use our proprietary tech to enable this.”

Gary was stunned. He had found the solution to his problem.

He dropped Morgan, then waited for her to finish her work, and drove her back to DriveAds. Just two hours later, he walked away with a deal to install DriveAds tech on his 11 carts.

Now, EFrogs can tell their advertisers exactly how many people saw their ads – and prove it with data! The advertisers were elated. They calculated their ROI on their ad spends, and were able to measure the ad impressions. A happy tech solution for everyone.

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